What We Do


Root To Rise facilitates development of students and future leaders who are positioned to be Rooted in self-empowerment and continue to Rise above their circumstances to make a difference for themselves, their families, and our communities.  

Root To Rise Key Benefits


Increase Graduation Rate

Credits earned in R2R assist students in achieving requirements toward high school graduation.


Maximize Learning Capacity 

High school students gain content mastery and confidence through teaching directly to younger students under the guidance of a classroom teacher.


Enhance Leadership Ability

Our most under-served students thrive when experiencing the power & connection of community.

While teaching younger kids, high school mentors replace content they may feel remedial and instead gain problem solving, communication, and relationship skills as leaders in the class. 


Provide Life Coaching 

Certified mentors/coaches provide tools to help students unlock their power, operate with integrity, and begin to design their future.


Practice Job/Career Skills

Root To Rise students earn a $500 stipend for the successful completion of a semester. They gain valuable experience which can be reflected on an application or resume. 


Uplift Students of Color to Pursue an Education Profession

There is a need for more educators of color to better reflect the student population. Root To Rise creates systemic change by encouraging more students of color to enter the teaching profession.

Several Root To Rise mentors are now pursuing education as a career as a result of their participation in the program.


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